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Island Garden City of Samal

The Island Garden City of Samal is an island situated within the coast of Davao Gulf, and is a part of Metropolitan Davao. It consists of an archipelago of nine smaller islands that span over a land area of 30,130 hectares with 118 kilometers of long continuous coastline of pristine white sandy beaches. The topography of the island is a combination of rocky heights and rolling hills with swamps mangroves, tall coconut trees, flowering plants and fruit-bearing trees; icy waterfalls, beach coves, and caves. Marine life in the Island is bountiful: rare aquatic species such as pawikan (marine turtle), the giant taklobo (white-lipped clam), and colorful marine life species are abundant and a usual sight underwater.

The Island Garden City Samal was born out of the merger of the three principal municipalities namely, Babak, Peñaplate and Kaputian. The City was created through Republic Act No. 8471 in 1998, an organic Act that paved the way for the dissolution and merger of the three municipalities into one local government unit, and is now officially named as the Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS).

Samal Island is a popular destination for foreign tourists and local visitors. It offers a wide variety of great mountain climbing adventures and extreme nature challenges. With the Island's crystal clear blue waters and white sandy beaches, it is a perfect getaway for adventurers who seek water activities such as wind surfing, banana boat rides, jet skiing, wake boarding, water polo, Hobie cat sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving and underwater photography; and simply a peaceful haven for those who seek quiet seclusion and privacy away from the hussle and bustle of city life.

Map of the Island Garden City of Samal

Samal Island has a land area of 30,130 hectares 

Davao Gulf as viewed from Samal Island

Samal Island has 118 kilometers of long continuous coastline 
of pristine waters and white sandy beaches.

Crystal clear waters of Samal Island

Shallow light green waters of the Island

Another view of a typical shoreline in the Island

Tall coconut trees along the shoreline

Marine life in the Island is bountiful

(Marine Turtle)

(Giant White-lipped Clam)

One of the many dive spots in Samal

Regatta in Samal

Dive Center in Samal 

Wake boarding has recently become a popular sport in the Island

How to get to Samal Island 

Samal Island's main port is at the town of Babak, a ten minute ferryboat from Sta. Ana Wharf, Davao City. Sta. Ana Wharf is about twenty minutes by taxi from Davao International Airport. 

Pilot landing at Sta. Ana Wharf, Davao City

It takes about a 10 minute ferryboat ride to reach Samal Island

Barge to Samal 

Barge ride to Samal

Ferryboat landing at Samal

With all the photographs featured above, nothing beats this one photograph of Davao Gulf (below) taken at the pier of Sasa Wharf where it shows how clean the waters of Davao City are.

I love Davao City!


  1. I love reading your blog. I've always wanted to visit Davao.My family and I visited Cebu this year and we plan on going to the other islands next year.I have a friend going to Davao next month and I cant wait to show her your blog!

  2. Hi Alisa, thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment. Davao City has progressed over the years, and despite the City's remarkable urbanization, it somehow retained its love for nature and respect to the environment - something that any city lacks when transformed to the modern ways of the world. But not Davao. It amazes me no end to see a photo taken at the very Pier of Davao Gulf showing how clean, and crystal clear the waters of Davao City are!

    Do drop-in again for fresh posts and updates, as I will be featuring many more island getaways and coastline beaches including mountain resorts in my upcoming blogs. Feel free to share my blog to your family, friends and colleagues.

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... miz ko na ulit makabalik ng davao!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
    if there was any place at all that i long to go back to here in the country .... it would definitely be in davao city! nice blog though

  4. Thank you Honey Grace for posting a comment. I long to be back in Davao City as well. My family and I are preparing for our impending return to Davao, if God willing, early next year, and this time take permanent residence there. I hope you will drop-in again for fresh posts and updates.

    Warmest regards.


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