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San Pedro Cathedral of Davao City

San Pedro Cathedral is not only the oldest church in Davao City, but also the city's premier historical landmark. It was named after San Pedro (Saint Peter), the patron saint of Davao. The original structure was built in 1847 during the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors, led by Don Jose Uyanguren. The Cathedral is situated at the very heart of the city right across the Sanguniang Panglunsod ng Dabaw (City Council) Building, and is close to several commercial establishments, hotels, shopping centers, universities, parks, a public market, etc.  Facing the church, it is bounded at the front by San Pedro Street, the oldest street in the city, Bolton Street on the left, and Claveria Street on the right. 

The San Pedro Cathedral is now recognized as a National Cultural Treasure.

San Pedro Cathedral

San Pedro Cathedral
as viewed at the corners of San Pedro (left) and Claveria (right) Streets

This magnificent Spanish-style architecture with its distinctive modern design frontal-curved solid structure was first built using nipa and bamboo in 1847 and was subsequently rebuilt in wood in the mid 1900s by the late Architect Ramon Basa until it was finally remodelled in concrete in 1964 by Architect Manuel Chiew.

Old Photographs of San Pedro Cathedral

The old San Pedro Church in 1901

The old San Pedro Church in 1950s

Old photograph of the remodeling of San Pedro Church  in 1964

The present design is reflective of the convergence of Christians and Muslims living in Davao City. The frontal-curved roofing was designed to look like the prow of a vinta gliding over waters carrying a Cross at the helm. The vinta represents the Muslim Mindanao and the Cross representing Christianity - who stand united despite differences in beliefs and perhaps ways of life but points toward the glory of God.

The Vinta

The Vinta is a vessel of ancient heritage used by Muslims in Mindanao in Southern Philippines. The bright colorful sails are representative of the rich and colorful culture of the Muslim community. The boat is usually used for inter-island transport of people and goods. 

The Bell Tower

One of the many notable sights at San Pedro Cathedral is the Bell Tower which houses an image of the Pieta, a statue of the sorrowful Blessed Virgin Mary with the dead body of her son, Jesus, on her lap, and the two concrete tablets of the Ten Commandments of God.

The Tablets of the Ten Commandments at the foot of the Bell Tower

Below the Bell Tower

Entrance to the Cathedral

View of the Entrance

Inside the Church

The Old Altar at the right wing of the Cathedral

The old altar is preserved at the right wing of the cathedral which features a collection of antique images and relics of Saint Peter and other saints.

Blessing of the Palm during Palm Sunday

View outside the Entrance of the Cathedral

The Cathedral grounds

Inside the grounds of San Pedro Cathedral are several stalls that sell various religious items such as relics, rosaries, scapulars, novena prayer books, candles, and the like.

Row of stalls that sell religious items are found within the Cathedral grounds

At the Cathedral grounds

Pigeons are common sights

Outside the Cathedral

During Sunday, portion of the San Pedro Street particularly immediately infront of the Cathedral is cordoned off from vehicular traffic due to the huge volume of parishioners who come for Mass. Here, many vendors ply their trade just outside the Cathedral, such as balloons, toys, ukay-ukay, popcorn, and all sorts of street food, etc. There are also photographers who are always ready to take photographs for a fee, of course. Masses in the Cathedral are in both English and the Visayan dialect.

Balloon vendor plying his trade at the gate of the Cathedral

Schedule of Parish Services

Daily Masses

6:00 AM - English
12:00 NN - English
4:30 PM - Visayan (Every Wednesday and 1st Friday of the Month)
5:30 PM - Visayan

First Saturday

6:30 PM - Nocturnal Eucharistic Adoration
Every Wednesday right after 12:00 NN, 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM Masses and Blessing of religious articles


5:00 AM - Visayan
6:30 AM - English
8:00 AM - English
9:30 AM - Visayan
11:00 AM - Baptism / Confirmation
12:00 NN - English
1:30 PM - Visayan
3:00 PM - Visayan
4:30 PM - Visayan
6:00 PM - English

Individual Wedding

Everyday except Sunday at 8:00 AM
Monday at 3:00 PM only
First Friday and First Wednesday at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM only

Baptism – Every Sunday except last Sunday of the month
Confirmation – Every last Sunday of the month

Community Wedding – 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at 8:00 AM
Sick Call – Coordinate with the parish office

Confession – Every Wednesday and Friday at 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Funeral Mass, Blessing of House, Office or Building – To be scheduled at the office, preferably three days prior to said occasion.

How to get to San Pedro Cathedral

The Cathedral is very accessible as it is located at the very heart of downtown Davao City right across the Sanguniang Panglunsod ng Dabaw Building along the busy San Pedro Street where public utility vehicles are en route.

Contact Information

San Pedro Cathedral
San Pedro Street, Davao City
Contact Person Ms. Jenette Bakial
Tel (082) 226-4740

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