Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mergrande Ocean Resort

Formerly called Villa Victoria, now renamed Mergrande Ocean Resort is an 8.8 hectare beachfront resort in Talomo District about 25 minutes drive from downtown Davao City. It is classified as a Class AA Beach Resort by the Department of Tourism, and has been awarded as the No. 1 Beach Resort 2005 - 2008 in Davao City.

Driveway to the Mergrande Convention Hall

It has been over a decade since I was here last in 1999 with a client-turned-friend, Allan Gabucan of Davao City, who brought me to the Resort along with a couple of young waitresses whom we met at the now defunct Camarine Grille in Victoria Plaza Mall, downtown Davao City which Allan and I used to frequent practically almost every night back then usually at a little before closing office hours to the wee hours of the morning. The occasion was actually not the first time I came to Villa Victoria as it was called then. It was I recall Raymund, a visiting regional manager of a multi-national pharmaceutical company based in Manila, whom I met at D' Counter Executive Hotel & Dormitory also in downtown Davao where he was staying, who first introduced the Resort. The third and definitely wont be the last time I have visited the Resort was with my wife and some friends. 

Of course, the Resort looks totally different now than it was a decade ago. Much improvement and renovation over time was obviously meticulously undertaken by the Resort to give it, I should say, a more modern look in touch with the times. It goes without saying that I will surely recommend Mergrande to my visiting friends and relatives from Manila when they are in town.

Signage welcoming guests to the Resort

Main Entrance to Mergrande

Mergrande is a combination of French and Spanish words, "mer" which means "sea" in French, and "grande" for "big" in Spanish. 

The Resort is complete with amenities and facilities standard to a beach resort such as a big swimming pool, cottages, dormitories for overnight stay, a restaurant, and, of course, the beach. The beach may not be white sand and is somewhat ash gray but, just the same, guests will surely enjoy popular water sport activities such as skim boarding, wake boarding, or may simply bond with families and friends out in the beach.

At the Beach

Kids always love the beach

View of Gulf of Davao

Farther side of the Beach

The Pool

Other view of the Pool

View of the entire Swimming Pool

Beach Cottages

Mergrande also has billiards, basketball and tennis courts, darts, a videoke area, an 18-hole mini golf course, and a fishing village.

Fishing Village

18-Hole Mini Golf Course

Videoke Area

Billiard Hall

Basketball and Tennis Courts

Convention Hall

The Resort is also a popular venue for corporate or business functions such as conventions, seminars, meetings, and social gatherings like birthday parties, family or school reunions, etc. 

The Canteen

The Restaurant and Bar

Fisherman's Room

For overnight stay, there are several reasonably priced air-conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms which can accommodate two to four persons.

Pirates Room

Row of Captain Rooms (Left)

How to get to Mergrande Ocean Resort

Mergrande is located at Bago Aplaya, Talomo District, about 25 minute drive either by private or public transportation from downtown Davao City.

Signboard giving direction to the Resort

Contact Information

Mergrande Ocean Resort
Bago Aplaya, Talomo District, Davao City
Tels (082) 289-84100
Fax (082) 298-4101


  1. I love the cottages and the pool in Mergrande Ocean Resort.The fishing village is also a good addition to the place. It will be good to spend a day or two there next summer.

  2. i'm visiting there with my family tomorrow.... the cause that we chose to go there is because of the reasonable overnight villa prices and many more... let me dictate some of the prices that i know:
    entrance fee- 100
    pool fee- 60
    villas- 1500 (3 persons, 2 adult and 1 child) exceeding peopz will only pay entrance fee
    no need to pay for bringing homemade food

  3. is the beach side open in the night for night swimming? and how much it cost for the overnight with 2 adults for a good room?

  4. How much need to pay if do fishing?...

  5. can we rent a room just for the day? or is itjust for overnight?


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