Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Victoria Plaza Mall

Victoria Plaza Mall is my personal favorite, and I am featuring this mall under this special post.

It was the very first mall that I have visited when I came to Davao City in January 15, 1999 on a business assignment. Here, countless fond, unforgettable memories transpired within its walls. There were a number of bars and restaurants then that have long been gone such as, Camarin Grille, Jabobo Grille, Uling Grille, Carom Billiards, Zircle Disco, and a videoke bar, among many others which have escaped my mind as of this writing. Only a few has remained such as Cynthia's Lechon House and Restaurant and Ahfat Seafood Restaurant, Korrokan Family KTV Bar and Restaurant, and quite a number of new ones.

I used to lunch, dine and have cocktails until the wee hours of the morning almost every night with clients, friends, and business associates. It was also in this mall where I would bring my family to shop and pig-out on weekends.

Victoria Plaza Mall was built in the 1990's and is one of the earlier malls in Davao City. It is located along J. P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. It has a gross land area of 81,000 sqm. The two-story mall has a supermarket, a department store, a hardware store, and a cinema. The mall may be old and a bit dilapidated, here and there, but it still remains today a favorite hang-out of locals, and will always have a very special place in my heart.

Main Entrance to the Mall

Left wing driveway when viewed from J.P. Laurel Avenue

View of the left wing driveway

View of the left wing driveway from the parking space

The ever busy J.P. Laurel Avenue right outside the main front
entrance of the Mall

View of the Mall along J.P. Laurel Avenue

A fleet of jeepneys and taxis await for passengers 
at the waiting shed at the front of the Mall

The entire waiting shed

View from the footbridge at the front of the Mall

Along J.P. Laurel Avenue just across the Mall

View from the other side of J. P. Laurel Avenue across the Mall

Spacious parking area at the right wing of the Mall
with Landco Building at the left and Pryce Tower on the right

View of Landco Building from the Mall

Ahfat Seafood Restaurant at the back parking lot

Inside the Mall

The Ferry's Wheel

Many stalls Tiangge-Style are found in the Mall

More Tiangge-Style stalls

The Victoria Food Plaza

View from the 2nd Floor

There are many shoppers loyal to the Mall

Second hand text books are also sold and on display

There are many lounging benches in the Mall

At the 2nd Floor


Wide walkway inside the Mall
View of the Mall

The defunct Durian Hotel at the left

View from Pryce Tower with Lando Building on the right 
and Victoria Plaza on the left

Spacious back parking space

Korokkan KTV and Restobar

Probinsya Restaurant

The Mall at the left driveway back parking lot

The many commercial establishments at the back parking lot

View of Durian Hotel at the back parking lot of the Mall

La Core facing the left driveway

View from another angle

More establishments

At the left wing parking lot


  1. Very interesting, Do.. it would be more interesting if there were people in the places you show, perhaps buying things, eating something, etc.

  2. Hi Tito AL, I will definitely be featuring the Dabawenyos in my coming blogs as you suggested. Many thanks.

  3. I frequent Victoria Plaza Mall, except for the department store. My gosh! Can someone teach those salespersons some manners? I am not generalizing the staff, but I honestly think that most of them are rude. They should learn some sales talk techniques from NCCC and SM.

  4. Hi Joanna, thank you for visiting my blog and for posting a comment. Sadly, Victoria Plaza has deteriorated much over the years, and much to my dismay, along with the staff, too. It is no wonder the Mall has lost its grip in the market and with the shoppers.

  5. hi anyone knows, asa ko makabuy ug mga china products like mga accessories na barato sa davao? nakatry ko sa chinatown but mahalan ghapon ko...wholesale ako paliton unta..anyone?? mga gift items ako mga gusto.

  6. Wow! This post was very interesting. I am glad that I discover your wonderful post regarding the Victoria Plaza Mall; wishing someday that I will visit this mall. I really appreciate what you did on your blog. Keep it up!

  7. It may be an old mall but I love it so much! I see so many nice things and I never worry about them being sold out because there's not so much people shopping there.

  8. To Management of Victoria Mall Plaza
    May mag tao po na giangamit ang inyong establishment para manloko ng mga tao Local at Abroad katulap po ng isang nagtitinda ng mga damit online na sinsabing may pwesto sila dyan sa Mall ang pangalan po ay Stripteeser na nagbebenta online ng mga toptank na damit. ang pwesto daw nya ay sa second floor ng mall.....sana po ay mabigyan aksyon ang mga taong ganito... at di po makasira sa image ng Victoria plaza mall

  9. I miss my place Davao city ,its been 24 years had passed since we left Davao , there's a lot of changes especially in Bajada where I spent my childhood years.

  10. Ano gani ung airsoft gun na store jan? Ano name ung store?


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