Saturday, April 23, 2011

Davao Cultural Heritage

Davao City is a melting pot for all cultures; its geography and surroundings, its colorful history, the rich diversity of its culture and tradition, the gathering and festivities like the Kadayawan Festival, make Davao City an exciting place to visit.

Kadayawan Festival

Kadayawan Festival, known as the festival of all festivals, is a week long celebration and thanksgiving for Davao City's bountiful harvest. Its name derives from the friendly greeting "Madayaw", from the Dabawenyo word "dayaw", meaning good, valuable, superior or beautiful. The festival is a celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living. The festival is renowned internationally, and is celebrated annually, every third week of August. The activity culminates with its colorful, grand floral parade of mobile floats full of real and fresh flowers, and the festive dancing in the streets.

The festival honors Davao’s artistic, cultural and historical heritage, its past personified by the ancestral “Lumads”, its people, as they celebrate on the streets, and its floral industry as its representatives parade in full regalia in thanksgiving for the blessings granted on the city. A celebration that interfaces three aspects: tribal; industrial; arts and entertainment. The festivities are highlighted with floral floats, street-dancing competitions and exhibits that showcase the island's tourism products and services.

Araw ng Dabaw

Araw ng Dabaw is a week-long celebration of the founding of the city that culminates every 16th of March with  socio-civic activities and military parade, sports competitions, and fireworks.

 Mutya ng Dabaw

One of the highlights of the celebration is the selection of the Mutya ng Dabaw (Miss Davao) from among the most beautiful ladies in the city every 15th of March.

Pasko Fiesta

Pasko Fiesta sa Davao City is an integration of festive and competitive Christmas activities showcasing colorful lighting and array of decorations in barangays, public parks, roads and buildings, and a series of competitive performances highlighting the community's creativity and talents while keeping alive the Christmas traditions.

During this season, the city pulsates with exciting sights and sounds, barraged with mall sales, bazaars, food festivals, and night markets filled with wholesome entertainment day and night.

Chinese New Year Festival

Davao's Chinese New Year festival celebrates the harmonious relations of the locals with the city's Chinese community as it promotes the development of the Chinatown - covering R. Magsaysay Avenue, Monteverde Avenue, Sta. Ana Avenue, and Leon Garcia Street - as one of the major historical, economic and cultural centers of the city.

Festival highlights include a motorcade, film showing, exhibits, temple visits, nightly entertainment and the Chinatown Night Market.

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