Sunday, September 2, 2012

Durian Hotel

Durian Hotel

It is with a deep sense of sorrow to see this beautiful 12-storey hotel regrettably neglected and unused for many years considering its very strategic location along one of the city's chief thoroughfares in downtown area and its close proximity to shopping malls, several business and commercial establishments, dining and entertainment areas, and easy of access by all types of transportation. This once elegant but still imposing structure along J. P. Laurel Avenue in Bajada, Davao City, known as the Durian Hotel, would have surely been a big hit among leisure and business travelers to the city. But sadly, the hotel has, for some reason, remained unoccupied to date.

Durian Hotel

The property in which the hotel is situated consists of 15 adjoining commercial lots. The hotel's total aggregate floor area is about 16,500 square meters consisting of three buildings: 

Original Building

The original building is primarily used for commercial purposes. It has a total floor area of 1,762 square meters. The ground floor is where the lobby was located and served as the reception hall of guests, and where two commercial spaces and the hotel parking area are found. The second floor held the administration offices of the hotel, while the third and fifth floors were partitioned into a total of 22 guestrooms. 

Annex Building 

This building has six floors with a total floor area of 4,566 square meters. The basement, ground floor, and second floor were used for parking areas which can accommodate 60 cars. The third and fourth floors were function halls that can each accommodate up to 200 persons, while the fifth floor is where the Grand Ballroom (theater-type function hall) is located. 

Main Hotel 

The main hotel is a 12-storey building with 126 guestrooms, bearing a total floor area of 10,172 square meters, partitioned as follows: 

Basement - Parking area, water boiler, and exhaust fans, 

Ground Floor - Main kitchen, a restaurant, two scenic elevators, and one service elevator, 

Second Floor - Employee cafeteria, stockroom, male/female quarters, employees comfort rooms, locker room, Food and Beverage office, Engineering office, medical clinic, chapel, and two function rooms for 60 persons, 

Third to Eleventh Floors - guestrooms, 

Twelfth Floor - Heroes Bar, Concorde function room with mezzanine, mini gym, swimming pool, 

Roof Deck - Water tank, motor for elevators, and cellsite/office. 

Durian Hotel is about 50 meters Southeast from the corners of J.P. Laurel Avenue and Bacaca Road; some 60 meters Northwest from Victoria Plaza Mall; and approximately a kilometer from the downtown area.

Back view of Durian Hotel from afar


  1. amoy durian kaya dito? curious lang hahahaha

  2. When I was in College, one night, we saw that one of the lifts was operating, that was scary.

    1. I heard of some rumors that the hotel is haunted.

    2. I saw that too years ago. I was on my way home.

  3. the hotel is not available forever
    the durian hotel is not haunted is just bankrupt
    but it not haunted its already government property


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