Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Korrokan KTV Resto-Bar

This is the now defunct Korrokan KTV Resto-Bar located at the back parking lot of Victoria Plaza Mall in Bajada, Davao City. It was a first-class KTV restaurant and bar that catered to high-end guests. It was here that I saw high-profile politicians from Manila, Davao City and other parts of Mindanao; visiting government officials from the different agencies; well-known businessmen; local celebrities, etc. However, just like in any similar establishments in Davao City, all are welcome regardless of one’s stature in life. There are no exclusive clubs for the social and economic elite nor are there forbidden ghettos confined to the less fortunate and marginalized. Celebrities and famous people are treated like everyone else. No special treatments for those in powerful positions. Elitism and haughtiness are treated with much disdain in the city. 

Korrokan had about 14 VIP rooms and a common area where the cocktail bar was located. At its peak, there were over 50 PR managers assisting guests and more than 150 women entertainers. Nightly, Korrokan was filled with guests and oftentimes a reservation in advance was necessary to obtain exclusive use of the VIP rooms. It also had a branch along Timog in Quezon City. 

Bar and Common Area

KTVs and Karaoke were such a big hit in the Davao in the late 90s and from early to mid 2000s that everywhere you go in the city, be it in a town fiesta, birthdays, weddings, or simply an afternoon of fun with families, friends, office colleagues and even with neighbors, you will find people holding microphones joyfully singing before a cheering crowd and curious spectators, each one patiently waiting for their turn. But the fad seemed to have gradually subsided, but not totally out. In fact, Korrokan actually just moved to a new location in Ecoland, in a much bigger building with better and added facilities, and renamed it World Palace Business Center

World Palace Business Center in Ecoland

Victoria Plaza Mall in Bajada

View of the huge parking area immediately outside Korrokan



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