Saturday, April 30, 2011

Streets of Davao City

What is so distinctively Davao is its rich mixture of southern cultural identity blended with some new age character, and nothing far better mirror the city's exquisite image than the city's streets itself.

San Pedro Street

San Pedro Street is one of the oldest streets in Davao City. Famous landmarks along this street include the San Pedro Cathedral, the Legislative Building, and the City Hall of Davao City.

Another view of San Pedro Street

San Pedro Street

A street next to the City Hall of Davao City (on the left, not shown)
perpendicular to San Pedro Street

Claro M. Recto Avenue 
(formerly Claveria Street)

Claro M. Recto Avenue is a long row of many commercial establishments stretching from Magallanes Street all the way to the corners of Jose P. Laurel, and Sta. Ana Avenues. This street is a popular parade ground for the city's famous festivals, such as the Kadayawan, and the Araw ng Davao, among many other festivities.

Along Claro M. Recto Avenue with the Marco Polo Hotel in the background

Another view of Claro M. Recto Avenue

As viewed from Claro M. Recto Avenue in the general direction of 
J. P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada

Gen. Duterte Street, one of the inner streets
with Davao Doctors Hospital in the background

Magallanes Street

Magallanes Street (formerly A. Pichon Street) is a one-way street which stretches from Metro Bank at the corner of Elpidio Quirino Avenue, all the way to Colassa’s Barbeque. Some well-known establishments along the Magallanes Street include the Grand Men Seng Hotel (shown at the background), and the Davao City Library which is housed within the City Council Building.

Ilustre Street

Ilustre Street is one of the busier inner streets in Downtown, Davao City where the JS Gaisano City Mall is situated.

Ramon Magsaysay Avenue

Ramon Magsaysay Avenue (formerly Uyanguren Street) is sometimes referred to as the Chinatown of Davao City. It is home to many Chinese traders and businesses, and is similar to Binondo of Manila. It intersects the Claro M. Recto and J.P. Laurel Avenues on one end, and stretches all the way to Magsaysay Park on the other.

Another view of Ramon Magsaysay Avenue

Busy intersection along Ramon Magsaysay Avenue

Ramon Magsaysay Avenue in the general direction of the corners of 
Claro M. Recto and J. P. Laurel Avenues

The wide and ever clean Ramon Magsaysay Avenue

Manuel Roxas Boulevard

J. P. Laurel Avenue in Bajada

J. P. Laurel Avenue

J. P. Laurel Avenue

J. P. Laurel Avenue

Intersection of J. P. Laurel and Claro M. Recto Avenues

Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur Highway in Matina

Matina Crossing along Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur Highway

Another view of Matina Crossing along Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur Highway

Bird's eye view of the Buhangin Interchange

Friday, April 29, 2011

Life in Davao City

Multimedia work by a local artist portraying the three major groups in Davao City: 
the Muslims, the Christians, and the Lumads or indigenous peoples

This post is specially dedicated to the people of Davao - the Dabawenyos, a rare breed of Filipinos whose reputation for warmth and friendliness precede them; their graciousness, their love for peace and discipline; their cosmopolitan and yet simple ways of life; always a ready smile to tourists, and ever solicitous. In the face of adversity, they patiently rise above all odds with a smile, not an iota of despair you can see in their faces when all else fail, but courageously they stand united ready to confront desperate times, and with the emerging light behind the darkest clouds in sight, in bended knees they humbly pray for the certainty of victory. And, indeed, in victory they remain magnanimous. It is their nature, the way they are and will always be; the way they were molded and shaped by time as a people. Their indomitable spirit is what makes Davao City what it is today - "Love, Peace and Progress," from the "Island to Highlands!"

A usual sight on Sundays at San Pedro Cathedral
along San Pedro Street

A clean surrounding is typical of Davao City

Busy life in the streets

Patience is one of the many virtues of the Dabawenyos

The student youths - the hope of the nation

 The Honorable Mayor Inday Sarah Duterte in action

 The warmth and friendliness of the Dabawenyos to foreign and local tourists

 Trisikad - a popular transportation in the City

 A typical day in public parks

Children playing in the park

 In prayer?

 Ukay - ukay 

Unknown to many, ukay-ukay originated in Davao. Ukay-ukay is a visayan word for "to mix together". Imported brands of assorted jeans, clothing, bags, and shoes,  mostly second hand, are bargained in the streets and public markets of Davao City.

 An early bird catches the first worm

 Always aware of current events

 Ever solicitous

Dabawenyos find pride and dignity in labor

Sidewalks in Davao City are clean and well organized, just like its people

Streets in Davao City are safe for children

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Damosa Information Technology Park

Damosa IT Park

Lanang is a developing downtown center in Davao City. The establishment of the Damosa Information Technology Park along J.P. Laurel Avenue, Lanang, six kilometers from Davao City proper, is seen to further boost this thrust. Developed by Damosa Land Incorporated of the Floirendo Group, the 23-hectare area houses two information technology buildings, a data building, and a commercial and utility building. The creation of  Damosa’s IT park provides more jobs to its residents, a growing market and increasing purchasing power  for entrepreneurs, more retail establishments for tourists, and economic development for the whole of Davao City.

Damosa’s IT park is the second in Mindanao after Cagayan de Oro City’s Pueblo de Oro Park.

Damosa IT Park

Damosa Business Park Parking Lot

 Another view of the parking lot

One of the many structures in Damosa


A closer look of Concentrix

 Mamay Road, Damosa, Lanang, Davao City

Main entrance to the Market Basket in Damosa

Another view of Market Basket in Damosa

The many commercial establishments in Damosa

 Wide parking lot

One of the many wide pathways in Damosa

Mc Donald's

Another view of Mc Donald's

 Drive-Thru of Mc Donald's

 Yellow Cab Pizza

A closer look of Yellow Cab Pizza

R-Us Internet Cafe in a van container

Ristorante Spirale, and Tadakuma Restaurants

Viewed from another angle

Toy Story Pizza Planet

 Swiss Deli in Damosa

Site of one of the Call Centers in Damosa

 CyberCity Teleserv, one of the call centers in Damosa

Link2Support building in Damosa
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