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Malls of Davao City

SM Mall Davao City

SM City Davao is a major shopping mall located along Quimpo Boulevard at Ecoland Drive, Matina. The mall opened in November 2001 and has a land area of 132,000m² and a floor area of more than 75,000m². It has three floors and has many restaurants, a department store, a supermarket, an appliance center, and a cinema. It's the only mall in Davao City that has free Wi-Fi. It is the first SM Supermall constructed in Mindanao.

 As viewed along Quimpo Boulevard at Ecoland Drive, Matina.

 SM Mall Davao City by Night

Inside SM Mall Davao 

 Another look inside SM Mall Davao 

 NCCC Mall Davao City as viewed from McArthur Highway

NCCC Mall Davao City is located at the corner of Ma-a Road and McArthur Highway, and is the biggest of the city's three NCCC malls. It has three floors and houses a bowling alley and billiards room, a department store, a supermarket, a cinema, a food court, and many electronics and appliance stores, including an activity center for kids, and a post office.

 Inside the NCCC Mall Davao

 Center Point Plaza as viewed from McArthur Highway in Matina Crossing

Center Point Plaza (formerly Centro Supermart and also known as NCCC Center Point) is located along McArthur Highway in Matina Crossing, Davao City. This mall, like the other NCCC malls in the city, has a supermarket and a department store.

NCCC Main Magsaysay

NCCC Main Magsaysay is located in Chinatown along Ramon Magsaysay Avenue. NCCC stands for "New City Commercial Corporation". Built in 1978, this mall has a supermarket and a department store. It has two floors which features many restaurants, shops, and eateries. It's the second biggest of three NCCC malls in the city.

 Gaisano Mall as viewed along J. P. Laurel Street

Gaisano Mall of Davao (also known as G-Mall) is a major shopping mall located along J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. It is the largest of more than 40 Gaisano malls in the Visayas and Mindanao. The mall  has a gross land area of 120,000m². It has four floors of stores and restaurants, a department store, a supermarket on the ground floor, and a cinema on the top floor. It also has an arcade. Gaisano Mall is the only mall in Davao City that has a Red Carpet Theater - a luxury movie theater with leather couches.

 Inside Gaisano Mall

 J. P. Laurel Street as viewed from Gaisano Mall

Gaisano South City Mall as viewed  from the corner of Camus street and Gen. Luna street 

Gaisano South City Mall (also known as Gaisano Grand City Mall and JS Mall) is located at Ilustre street, downtown of Davao City. The mall  has a gross land area of 70,000m². While the mall is smaller than the much bigger Gaisano Mall in Bajada, it has three floors with many stores and restaurants. a department store, a supermarket, and a cinema. It has been used in the past for several festivals including the Eiga Sai Festival for Japanese Film lovers.

Robinsons Cybergate Davao

Robinsons Cybergate Davao is a two-story shopping complex located at the northern part of Davao along J.P. Laurel Street, Lanang, Davao City. Most notably is its supermarket, which is known to sell health items and products imported from United States. The mall also features a department store, and several restaurants. It has a gross land area of 14,000m².

Davao Chimes Mall along Sales Street in Chinatown, Davao City

Davao Chimes Mall is an upscale shopping complex located along Sales Street, Chinatown. The mall is noted for its most costly of commodities and luxurious brands - such as Louis Vuitton, Coach, Figaro, Red Ribbon, etc. Other high end shops sell designer watches, jewelry, and appliances. The restaurants are exotic and offer international cuisines from countries, such as Malaysia, India, Singapore, and Vietnam.

One of the pathways of Davao Chimes Mall


  1. First of all congratulate for your great post and I really impressed about the information regarding Malls of Davao City. Today, malls are not just for shopping. They have evolved into places where you can enjoy a variety of activities. Moreover, malls are economic symbols of a City. It is true that this was very luxurious mall and we know that we can enjoy shopping and visiting. Thanks for sharing this and keep on posting.

  2. I want to visit any malls in Davao and I think on these photos are a nice place for a relaxation too. Thanks! :)

  3. I have cousin living in Davao for 12 years, they want me to visit them and they told me that there are some malls in Davao that you would not forget and you would always want to go back there.

    1. Hi, Haidie de Castro! I share your cousin's sentiments regarding the malls in Davao City. However, it is not so much of the shopping malls that would make you come back but it is the people of Davao - the Dabawenyos. They are all smiles and very accommodating to visiting guests to the city, particularly to foreign tourists; a kind of warm hospitality that I have yet to experience in some parts of the country.

      I am not a Dabawenyo, but was born and raised in Manila where I presently reside. The best years of my life have been spent in Davao City when work had brought me there in 1999 until my retirement, and today I always aspire to be able to take up residence again, hopefully in the not too distant future, in Davao City I call "Home".

  4. hats off to you Man! :)

  5. our place is the safe city in the philippines


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