Friday, April 29, 2011

Life in Davao City

Multimedia work by a local artist portraying the three major groups in Davao City: 
the Muslims, the Christians, and the Lumads or indigenous peoples

This post is specially dedicated to the people of Davao - the Dabawenyos, a rare breed of Filipinos whose reputation for warmth and friendliness precede them; their graciousness, their love for peace and discipline; their cosmopolitan and yet simple ways of life; always a ready smile to tourists, and ever solicitous. In the face of adversity, they patiently rise above all odds with a smile, not an iota of despair you can see in their faces when all else fail, but courageously they stand united ready to confront desperate times, and with the emerging light behind the darkest clouds in sight, in bended knees they humbly pray for the certainty of victory. And, indeed, in victory they remain magnanimous. It is their nature, the way they are and will always be; the way they were molded and shaped by time as a people. Their indomitable spirit is what makes Davao City what it is today - "Love, Peace and Progress," from the "Island to Highlands!"

A usual sight on Sundays at San Pedro Cathedral
along San Pedro Street

A clean surrounding is typical of Davao City

Busy life in the streets

Patience is one of the many virtues of the Dabawenyos

The student youths - the hope of the nation

 The Honorable Mayor Inday Sarah Duterte in action

 The warmth and friendliness of the Dabawenyos to foreign and local tourists

 Trisikad - a popular transportation in the City

 A typical day in public parks

Children playing in the park

 In prayer?

 Ukay - ukay 

Unknown to many, ukay-ukay originated in Davao. Ukay-ukay is a visayan word for "to mix together". Imported brands of assorted jeans, clothing, bags, and shoes,  mostly second hand, are bargained in the streets and public markets of Davao City.

 An early bird catches the first worm

 Always aware of current events

 Ever solicitous

Dabawenyos find pride and dignity in labor

Sidewalks in Davao City are clean and well organized, just like its people

Streets in Davao City are safe for children

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