Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Davao City's 911 Bus Ambulance

Davao City's 911 Bus Ambulance 

This is Davao City's newly acquired state-of-the-art bus ambulance equipped with top-of-the-line medical facilities and emergency equipment for rescue operations. The first of its kind in the country, it is complemented by a team of medical professionals: nurses, first-aid personnel and a doctor. It can accommodate 15 patients at a time and may be converted into an operating room of a hospital.

Interior of the Bus Ambulance

The recent acquisition of the bus ambulance is part of Davao City's continuing expansion and enhancement of its emergency response mechanism to better manage crime, terrorism, traffic and emergency responses and public safety in the city; from responding to critical situations to anticipating and preventing them, when and where possible. 

All services of the bus ambulance are FREE!

Images courtesy of, and many thanks to DOT-Davao Dir. Art Boncato.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Isla Malipano

Isla Malipano

Malipano Island is an island that lies a few hundred meters off the coast of Pearl Farm Beach Resort, and is the site of the famous Malipano Island Villas

Aerial view of Isla Malipano

Malipano Wharf

The Malipano Villas are three-storey villas patterned after the Maranao and Samal ethnic design, and whose roofs were exquisitely designed after the traditional Philippine native hat, the “salakot”. The Villas are three-octagonal in shape, and are designed with wide verandas that open to a commanding view of Davao Gulf. The reception areas, guest suites, and the dining area, are all around the cantilevered deck. Four of the Villas are perched on stilts directly above the sea, while the other three Villas are outcropped from the rocks on the beach. 

Malipano Villas

There are a total of seven, fully air-conditioned Villas in the Island, equipped with mini-bars, coffee and tea makers, safety deposit boxes in the masters bedrooms, cable televisions, spacious living rooms, and even hair dryers. All the rooms have individual toilet and bath, with the master bathroom furnished with a bathtub. Butler service is available for food orders and other guests assistance. There is also a standby speedboat readily available to transport the guests to the restaurant and other facilities at Pearl Farm.

Davao Gulf viewed from the Veranda

Samal Houses and Sunset Suites are designed after the stilt houses of seafaring Samal tribe of Sulu archipelago in southern Mindanao. There are 19 superior rooms that are fully air-conditioned, with separate toilets and baths, safety deposit boxes, hairdryers, and cable televisions.

Samal Houses

The Samal Suites are two-storey Muslim inspired cottages that are named and decorated according to the different ethnic tribes of Mindanao, such as the Tausug, Yakan, T'boli, Bagobo, B'laan and Maguindanao

There are six Samal executive rooms, consisting of two floors: the upper room where the master's bedroom is situated, is furnished with a King-sized bed, a bathtub, and an air-conditioning unit; and the lower room where the living room is situated. The living room may easily be converted into a children's bedroom, and is ideal for families with 3 children. An extra sofa bed with a trundle bed can be arranged as well. A second toilet and bath facilities are located on the lower level with a private stair that leads to the sea.

Samal Sunset Suites

Samal Sunset Suites

Samal Suite Executive Room

The Mandaya Houses consist of 20 de luxe rooms, and are located near the aqua sports area of the resort. The Houses, which encircle the Mandaya swimming pool, are furnished with air-conditioned units, mini-bars, hairdryers, safety deposit boxes, and cable televisions. Two rooms may be conveniently joined together to form a single unit. A small packet garden is located at the back of each room.

Mandaya Houses

White sand beach surround the Mandaya Houses

Swimming Pool near the Mandaya Houses

The Balay Houses or Hilltop Rooms are located on the hillside of the island overlooking the Davao Gulf, and are surrounded with lush forest. The word "Balay", which means "home" in the local dialect, is a hotel-type building designed with native materials and décor.

The Balay Houses, which consist of 17 Standard Rooms, are set atop the ridges of the Island’s highest elevation, and offer the best view of the Davao Gulf, and on a clear day, the City of Davao. All the rooms are air-conditioned, fully furnished with mini-bar facilities, hot and cold showers, cable televisions, telephones, and afford a view of the Balay Garden, and a stunning view of the sea from the verandas. The Balay Garden which is situated within the area is a suitable place for picnics and social events.

Balay House

Wide and spacious Veranda

Malipano Gazebo is perfect venue for special events, parties, social and business functions, and affords a perfect view of the natural beauty of the sea and the mountain ranges of Samal.

Malipano Gazebo

Malipano Helipad

How to get to Isla Malipano

Isla Malipano is a few hundred meters off the coast of, and can be reached from Pearl Farm Beach Resort. The island is about 1½ hours away from Manila by plane, about 50 minutes by taxi from the Davao International Airport, and around 45 minutes from Davao City by ferryboat.

For more information, please contact:

Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao City, Philippines      
Tel + 63 (082) 221 9970
Fax + 63 (082) 221 9979

Images courtesy of, and many thanks to SCC-Davao.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Malayan House Marapangi

Muslim-inspired Malayan House Marapangi

Malayan House Marapangi is a beautifully designed, Muslim-inspired farm house built in the 1960s that sits in the vast Nenita Farms of the Floirendo family in Marapangi, Toril, Davao City, on the lower slopes of Mount Apo amid the lush fruit orchards, and organic gardens with a commanding view of Davao City, the Davao Gulf, and the magnificent Mount Apo - "King of Philippine Peaks", the country's highest mountain peak at 10,311 feet or 3,144 meters above sea level. 

It is an ideal venue for big events and a whole day affair for any occasions such as family gatherings, weddings, birthday parties, corporate meetings or team building, and accepts group reservation for lunch or dinner buffet, with special menus to include the family's favorite dishes.

Malayan House

Dining Area

The sprawling expanse and the lush greenery of the farm promises a unique and exciting outdoor activities such as, horseback riding, hiking, tilapia fishing, fruit picking, and a leisurely tour of the farm. The Malayan House also provides lodging for the weary traveler with its four rooms on the second floor. 

Vast Fruit Orchard

Stable for Horses

Road leading to the stables

One of the exciting features being developed in the farm is a professional horse race track that will surely draw the attention of local horse racing enthusiasts in the future.

Still being developed Horse Race Track

For further inquiries, please contact Carrots Santiago, mobile number 0917 707 7020. Minimum of 5 to 300 pax is accepted.

How to get to Malayan House Marapangi

Nenita Farms is located in Marapangi, Toril District, Davao City, about 18 kilometers from the Downtown city proper, and is easily accessible by private or public transportation.

Acknowledgement: Images are courtesy of, and many thanks to Mr. Art Boncato, Regional Director of the Department of Tourism-Davao.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bodegera Café

Bodegera Cafe

Bodegera Café is a nice and cozy restaurant-café that serves cupcakes and home-made cookies, delectable sweets and pastries, light snacks, coffee, soft beverages, and anything in between. A complimentary soup comes with every order. It is located at the ground floor of Homitori Davao - a dormitel for budget travelers and transients visiting or doing business in Davao City

Inside the Cafe


Home-made Cup Cakes

The restaurant is notably clean and well-maintained, and the staff and crew are very solicitous and attentive, always with a ready smile. They are open promptly at 9 in the morning and closes at 9 in the evening.

There is a FREE Wi-Fi, too in the café.

Bodegera Cafe

How to get to Bodegera Café

The Café is conveniently located at the ground floor of Homitori Davao in the corners of Bangoy Street and Sta. Ana Avenue in Davao Chinatown, which can be accessed through a cemented alley between Mandarin Enterprises, and Golden Luck Agri Products along Bangoy Street. It is approximately 40 minutes away from the Davao International Airport, and is easily accessible by private and public transportation.

For more information, please contact

F. Bangoy Street corner Sta. Ana Avenue, Davao City 8000 Philippines
Tels +63 (082) 295 2969 | +63 (082) 295 2971
Mobile +63 (0922) 854 1127 | +63 (0922) 899 4646
Please visit the Dormitel's Facebook Fanpage

Images courtesy of, and many thanks to Homitori Davao.

Homitori Davao

Homitori Davao

Homitori Davao is a dormitory-type hotel perfectly suited for budget travelers or transients, single or in groups, who are looking for clean, spacious, and well-secured stay for overnight or long term lease, with all the practical amenities and conveniences standard to its class at very affordable daily or monthly rates. It is conveniently situated within the Davao Chinatown, in close proximity to several business and commercial establishments, shopping malls, parks, dining and entertainment areas, and is easily accessible by private or public transportation.

Lobby and 24-Hour Front Desk

Built in 2011, the 2-storey dormitel houses separate buildings and facilities for men and women with 137 centralized air-conditioned, non-smoking rooms: 60 rooms for men, and 77 rooms for ladies; all of which are beautifully furnished with bunk beds, individual lockers, writing desks, and chairs. 

The Room

The Room

Ladies' Lounge

Hallway leading to the Ladies' Rooms

Ladies' Rooms

Homitori also has facilities such as common TV and dining areas, massage center, business centers and Internet facilities, FREE Wi-Fi Internet access at hotspot areas, CCTV surveillance cameras strategically installed in key areas of the dormitel, and a wide, spacious parking space. 

Common TV Area

Ladies' TV Room

Ladies' Dining Area

Men's Business Center and Internet facility

Ladies' Business Center and Internet facility

Wide and spacious Courtyard and Parking Space 

The toilets and baths which are always kept clean and well-maintained are shared, and come with hot and cold showers.

Men's Shower Room with 28 Cubicles

Men's Toilet with 18 Cubicles and 5 Urinals

Men's Lavatory in Shower Room

Ladies' Shower Room

Ladies' Toilet Room

Ladies' Make-up Area

Accommodation comes with a FREE use of the Gym, Laundry and Dry Cleaning facilities, and guests are served with FREE breakfast daily.

Men's Gym

Ladies' Gym

Ladies' Laundry Area

Earliest Check-In time is 12 Noon, and the Check-Out time is 11 AM.

Also located at the ground floor is Bodegera Café where they serve delectable sweets, light snacks, soft beverages, and anything in between.

Bodegera Café

How to get to Homitori Davao

The dormitel is conveniently located at the corners of Bangoy Street and Sta. Ana Avenue in Davao Chinatown, and can be accessed through a cemented alley between Mandarin Enterprises, and Golden Luck Agri Products along Bangoy Street. It is approximately 40 minutes away from the Davao International Airport, and is easily accessible by private and public transportation.

For more information, please contact:

F. Bangoy Street corner Sta. Ana Avenue, Davao City 8000 Philippines
Tels +63 (082) 295 2969 | +63 (082) 295 2971
Mobile +63 (0922) 854 1127 | +63 (0922) 899 4646
Please visit the Dormitel's Facebook Fanpage

Images courtesy of, and many thanks to Homitori Davao.
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