Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Malayan House Marapangi

Muslim-inspired Malayan House Marapangi

Malayan House Marapangi is a beautifully designed, Muslim-inspired farm house built in the 1960s that sits in the vast Nenita Farms of the Floirendo family in Marapangi, Toril, Davao City, on the lower slopes of Mount Apo amid the lush fruit orchards, and organic gardens with a commanding view of Davao City, the Davao Gulf, and the magnificent Mount Apo - "King of Philippine Peaks", the country's highest mountain peak at 10,311 feet or 3,144 meters above sea level. 

It is an ideal venue for big events and a whole day affair for any occasions such as family gatherings, weddings, birthday parties, corporate meetings or team building, and accepts group reservation for lunch or dinner buffet, with special menus to include the family's favorite dishes.

Malayan House

Dining Area

The sprawling expanse and the lush greenery of the farm promises a unique and exciting outdoor activities such as, horseback riding, hiking, tilapia fishing, fruit picking, and a leisurely tour of the farm. The Malayan House also provides lodging for the weary traveler with its four rooms on the second floor. 

Vast Fruit Orchard

Stable for Horses

Road leading to the stables

One of the exciting features being developed in the farm is a professional horse race track that will surely draw the attention of local horse racing enthusiasts in the future.

Still being developed Horse Race Track

For further inquiries, please contact Carrots Santiago, mobile number 0917 707 7020. Minimum of 5 to 300 pax is accepted.

How to get to Malayan House Marapangi

Nenita Farms is located in Marapangi, Toril District, Davao City, about 18 kilometers from the Downtown city proper, and is easily accessible by private or public transportation.

Acknowledgement: Images are courtesy of, and many thanks to Mr. Art Boncato, Regional Director of the Department of Tourism-Davao.


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