Friday, September 14, 2012


Davao River

Just like any city in the Philippines, Davao City is not lacking of informal settlers residing alongside waterways, rivers and in the coastal areas. But the BIG difference is, you wont find in Davao any trash, rubbish, or garbage floating anywhere on the city's waterways.

It will also be noted on-board the banca are 17 passengers which is clearly in compliance with the boat's maximum authorized passenger capacity of "20" persons as printed on it's starboard.

The above photograph simply mirrors the remarkable discipline of Dabawenyos - the people of Davao.

This motorized banca plies daily across the Davao River from a village in SIR Matina to Magallanes Street in downtown Davao City. Crossing the river in one of these bancas is the shortest and cheapest route to the other side of town for those residing at SIR Matina - a village known for cheap boarding houses and lodgings. Whereas it takes more or less 10 minutes at peak hours to downtown via Bankerohan Bridge, riding in one of these bancas will only take less than five minutes to cross the river. 

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