Monday, September 24, 2012

Freedom Park in Davao City

In the Philippines, local governments are mandated to designate a Freedom Park where people can exercise their constitutional freedom of speech and expression in a peaceful gathering, rallies or protests; a venue where they can ventilate and be heard of the various issues and concerns of the city that confront them. 

Millennium Park

In Davao City, Freedom Park consists of two parks: the Millennium Park and the Clifford Park. The Millennium Park is located in the center island along the stretch of Roxas Avenue across Ateneo de Davao University, while  Clifford Park is the wide and spacious intersection of Claro M. Recto Street (old Claveria Street) and Roxas Avenue, fronting Ateneo de Davao and Marco Polo Hotel. Clifford Park was named in honor of a United States Army commander who was killed in action during the liberation of Davao in World War II.  

Clifford Park


  1. Hello, I just browse the internet and I suddenly saw your post. I am glad that there is a post like this promoting Davao. I visited Davao once and I am planning to visit again. May mga area din ba ang davao na pwede ka mg frisbee? Thanks.

    1. Hi Zumi, yes, there are several open spaces in the city where you can do frisbee: in parks, beaches, etc. Browse my blog some more for these two areas. I wish you a happy trip on your next visit to Davao.


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