Saturday, November 19, 2011

Davao Cheese

Unknown to many, Davao produces one of, if not, the best cheese in the country today. These high quality artisan cheese are handmade by Malagos Farmhouse of the Puentespina family of Davao City and are gaining popularity in our local market and being regarded abroad to be at par or even tastier than the imported European and Australian cheeses.

What started in 2006 by Mrs. Olive Puentespina as a simple goat cheese for the local market, eventually developed into 22 varieties of artisan cheese. The most noted ones are the fresh Goat Cheese (kesong puti), the Chèvre (French-style fresh cheese, pleasantly tart and lusciously creamy), the Feta (made of pure goat’s milk and aged in brine), the Blue Peppato (mildly aged cow’s milk cheese with whole green-pepper corn), and Blue Goat Cheese (a young goat cheese, mildly aged with blue molds), Queso Rustico (cheese made from cow's milk), Ricotta, Pecorino, Mutchli, and Fromage Frais, among others. 

Mrs. Olive Puentespina of Malagos Farmhouse

While cheese making proved to be a tedious process of trial and error to produce a perfect cheese, in September of 2006, Mrs. Puentespina's Feta was adjudged the Cheese of the Month by the Cheese Club of the Philippines - a landmark achievement considering that it was the first time ever that a locally produced cheese won such a distinction. Since then, many of these cheeses have found their way in to delicatessen stores, high-end groceries and supermarkets, bars, restaurants, and five-star hotels in Manila, and are very much in-demand now in the international market. 

The famous Malagos Farmhouse Feta Cheese

Philippine Airlines, the country’s flag carrier, regularly and exclusively serves the Malagos Farmhouse Feta cheese in the business class of its international flights. PAL orders every month four kinds of Malagos cheese, about 70 kilograms for each kind. Malagos Farmhouse also makes a special Blue Cheese that contains some mangoes for the national flag carrier.

Fresh Goat Cheese


Blue Goat Cheese

Blue Peppato Cheese

Blush Cheese

All Malagos cheeses are 100% made in Davao using 100% locally produced milk fresh from its dairy farm utilizing pure-bred goats and hybrid cows including their own herbs and spices. Malagos Farmhouse believes that the use of local ingredients and techniques adapted particularly to  Davao's good climate gives a distinct flavor to the cheeses Malagos produces.

Malagos Hybrid Goats

More Hybrid Goats

Malagos Cheese Products

Thanks to the Puentespina family of Malagos Farmhouse in Davao for giving us top quality artisan cheese that every Filipino should be proud of. MABUHAY!

Contact Information

Bolcan Street, Agdao, Davao City
Philippines 8000 
Tel (082) 226-4446

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