Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bali Bali Beach Resort

Bali Bali Beach Resort is a stunning one-hectare semi-private beachfront resort situated at the coastline southwest of Samal Island. While walk-ins are not encouraged by the Resort, it however provides each guest tranquility and privacy away from the noise of city life. 

Bali Bali Beach Resort was appropriately named from the word "bali bali," which, in the native dialect of Pangasinan, means "beautiful." 

The Pavilion

The Pavilion serves as the main lobby where guests are welcomed. Fronting the Pavilion is the Resort's main attraction - the infinity pool (below) which stretches its beautiful view up to the Gulf of Davao.

Infinity Pool 

View of the Davao Gulf from the Infinity Pool 

The Bale´ House

Bale´ House was designed specially for guests of the Resort who may want to avail themselves with complete massage and spa services.

For overnight stay, there are six villas to choose with each room having different themes. Stay to these   Asian-inspired villas is inclusive of a full day’s meal - breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and comes with welcome drinks and free use of all the resort’s amenities except for the use of aqua sports equipments which are charged separately.

Bali Bali Suite A

Bali Bali Suite A Bedroom

Bali Bali Suite B

Bali Bali Suite B Bedroom

Indonesian Garden Villa

Indonesian Garden Villa Bedroom

Mediterranean Garden Villa

Mediterranean Garden Villa Bedroom

Oriental Garden Villa

Oriental Garden Villa Bedroom

Thai Garden Villa

Thai Garden Villa Bedroom

The Resort is complete with facilities for water sport, such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking, wake boarding, jet skiing,  banana boat rides and speed boat cruise. They also have exclusive packages for overnight stay, day tour of the Resort, island hopping adventures. 

The Resort may also be engaged for special occasions such as weddings, family reunions, birthday parties, bridal showers, etc. 

How to get to Bali Bali Beach Resort

There are four different ways to get to the Resort: from the docking area at the Davao Boat Club in  Marina, Lanang Aplaya, via a pre-arranged boat transfers provided by the Resort; via commercial ferry at Sasa Wharf followed by a 20-minute drive heading southward along Samal’s Coastal Road; via speedboat cruise to the southern part of Samal Island (Bali Bali is at bearing 7° 03’ 50.75" N 125° 41’ 01.41" E); or via a pre-arranged private vehicle service followed by land and barge transfers to and from the Resort for a fee.

The Boat Schedule Departure Time at the Davao Boat Club in  Marina, Lanang Aplaya are as follows:

Morning Transfers:

from Bali Bali to Marina - 8:00 AM and Marina to Bali Bali -  8:30 AM

Afternoon Transfers:

Bali Bali to Marina - 4:00 PM and Marina to Bali Bali - 4:30 PM

Special trips are accommodated for a separate fee.

Contact Information 

Barangay Catagman, Kaputian
Island Garden City of Samal Philippines 

Reservations  (082)234-6415

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