Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Osmeña Park of Davao City

Formerly known as the Plaza, Osmeña Park is one of the most frequented public parks in Davao City. This historical landmark was once the site of settlement of the early Davaoeños. The park is located next to the Sangguniang Panglunsod ng Dabaw (City Council) Building, at the corner of Claro M. Recto Avenue and San Pedro Street.

Early photograph of Osmeña Park

Osmeña Park was once the site of settlement of early Davaoeños

The main marker of the Early Davao Settlement

The Early Davao Settlement Marker

Near the entrance of the park is the "Early Davao Settlement" marking which was unveiled by the Honorable Mayor Rodrigo Duterte which states:

"Extending some 350 meters from this marker was the old Davao settlement. 
As a community under Datu Bago, the houses were close to the banks of the Davao River bend where now stands the Bolton Bridge. The houses were burned when Oyanguren succeeded in driving away Datu Bago and his followers in their final battle on June 29, 1848. 
The new Christian settlers at first established their community in the same area,
but floods often inundated the settlement so that in 1861 the authorities 
ordered the relocation of the community to the higher grounds 
that centered on the present site of the Davao Cathedral. 
An old relief map of 1862 shows the old Davao settlement."

Spanish Cannons

The main Marker is surrounded by four centuries-old Spanish cannons from the arsenal of Don Jose Uyanguren that are on display at the park.

Concrete Animals and Flowers

There are several artistically hand-crafted concrete animals and flowers near the City Engineers Field Office at the back area where the main marker is located.

There are also several therapists from the "Society Group of Therapist" who offers reflexology services at the park.

The Davao Chess Club

The park is also home to the Davao Chess Club.

No Smoking Signage near the entrance

How to get to Osmeña Park

Osmeña Park is located right across the San Pedro Cathedral and right beside the Sangguniang Panglunsod ng Dabaw (City Council) Building. It is very accessible as there are several public utility vehicles plying along Magallanes and San Pedro Streets.

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  1. what a wonderful park and should be reverse and the hystory would in our generation


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