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Botona Dahican Beach Resort

Botona Dahican Beach Resort is a privately owned beach resort that lies along the seven-kilometer coastline of Dahican Beach facing the Pacific Ocean in Purok Maribojoc, Mati, Davao Oriental. It is one of the popular destinations in Mati and is well-known for its quite and relaxing ambiance featuring two European-inspired guesthouses that are available for overnight stay, a resto-bar, five wonderfully built kiosks with tables and chairs situated along the beach front where guests can relax and enjoy the sea, and, of course, the main attraction of the Resort - the white sand and crystal clear blue waters of Dahican Beach.

Beach Area

Rubber Tables and Chairs line the beach

View of the Beach

Beach Kiosks

There are five of these wonderfully built kiosks at the beachfront complete with tables and chairs and where guests can relax and enjoy the sea. Each kiosk is furnished with a grilling area.

The Kiosks

At the beach

Dahican Beach

Skim boarding, surfing and kayaking are popular water sports in Dahican Beach.

Dahican Beach faces the Pacific Ocean

Dahican Beach is a 7-kilometer white sand coastline in Mati, Davao Oriental

Dahican Beach

Clear waters of Dahican Beach


The Resort is fully fenced, and within its two-hectare property are two European-inspired guesthouses, each of which has two fully airconditioned rooms. Each room is beautifully furnished with two queen-size beds, and has a private toilet with hot and cold showers, a closet and a table with drawers, a private verandah with television shared between the two rooms, and a gallon of purified water in a dispenser. Each room can accommodate four guests.

For an overnight stay, guests are provided with free use of the resort's huge kitchen which is equipped with a refrigerator, a microwave, an oven, a rice cooker, and a bread toaster, among others.

Since there are only four rooms available and in view of the limited accommodation, advanced booking or reservation is encouraged.

Bedroom of the Guesthouse

The Resto-Bar

The Resort has a restaurant-bar that serves affordable home-cooked meals. While the restaurant does not really have a regular menu, guests can order with whatever is available and the staff will cook it for them. There is also a cooking area quite near the beach and guests may bring and cook their own food with no corkage.

The restaurant may also be used for business functions and social events such as birthdays, wedding receptions, family reunions, etc.

Dahican Beach where the Resort is located is about 20 - 30 minutes drive mostly along a rough and dusty road from the town proper of Mati and is easily accessible by either private or public transportation. There are pedicabs or single motorcycles for hire at the Bus Terminal of Mati. 

Map of Mati, Davao Oriental

Contact Information

Botona Dahican Beach Resort
Purok Maribojoc, Dahican
Mati, Davao Oriental
Tels  +63918-525-5227; +63919-519-5124
and +63939-646-4586

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