Monday, May 14, 2012

Virgin Falls

Virgin Falls
Kapatagan Valley has recently become one of the most popular outdoor adventure destinations in Davao del Sur because of the many unique wonders and delightful sights to see and experience - a truly different kind of adventure  families, relatives, groups of friends, or colleagues from the office will truly enjoy. It offers a perfect getaway to relax and be one with nature right in the middle of a remote mountain valley full of lush vegetation and a rich variety of flora and fauna amid towering forest trees and stately pine trees mixed with the cool mist of fresh mountain air far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday demands and noise of urban life. 

The highlands of Kapatagan is located in Digos City, Davao del Sur. It is also popular jump off point among mountaineers preparing to scale the peak of Mount ApoPhilippines' highest mountain peak.

Valley of Kapatagan with the view of Mount Apo

Within the valley, and only a few hundred meters from each other, are a number of popular destinations: Camp Sabros, Mount Apo Highland Resort (now called Camp@tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside), a Tibolo Village, and the Kublai Art Garden where various sculptures and art pieces of Mindanaoan artist, Ray Mudjahid "Kublai" Millan, are showcased in a landscape of lush greenery with Mount Apo and surrounding mountain range in the backdrop.

Virgin Falls

And deeply hidden within the highlands of Kapatagan Valley is another wonder of nature to behold called, the Virgin Falls. This one tiered waterfalls is certainly a welcome oasis in the middle of thick bushes and huge towering ferns and cogons in an agonizing trail of sharp rock formations and stiff climb. But all the strenuous effort and exhaustion is nothing compared to the fulfillment of seeing this stunning beauty of nature: tall in all its regalia is about 20 meters high and some 10 to 15 feet wide of cascading waterfalls bordered between huge rock walls on each side and crowned with a lush flora and fauna here and there. The welcoming icy mists of the waterfalls as one enters the area is as soothing as the serenity of the entire wonder with only the rapid rush of waters from high above blended with the musical chirping of wild birds hovering gently around and the swaying sound of the trees can be felt, heard, and awed at. The colours of the earth amid a perfect weather are all too inviting to ignore the lure of the waterfalls' natural pool of icy cold, crystal clear waters at the basin. It is a heavenly landscape to behold and a moment to be one with Mother Nature.

How to get to the Virgin Falls

The easiest way to reach Kapatagan is through private transportation. The site is about two hours drive from downtown Davao City, or an hour away from of Digos City proper. There are buses at the Ecoland Bus Terminal in Davao City that ply to Digos City, and public utility vans for hire from Digos Terminal to Kapatagan. There is a 20 minute or so motorcycle ride readily available at the Kapatagan Market that go to the jump-off point. From the jump off point, it takes another 45-minute to an hour hike to the Virgin Falls itself.

Map to Kapatagan


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    1. Hi gigs giger. Yes, swimming is allowed at the Virgin Falls. In fact, travelers enjoy a relaxing dip in the cool waters of the falls. Best thing is, its FREE.

  2. how much is the transportation cost using habal habal?


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