Saturday, June 16, 2012

Plaza del Carmen

DAVAO is indeed rightfully called a "City in Bloom." A good indicator is that buildings are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere, and many such buildings as towering hotels, convention centers, huge shopping malls, etc., are now changing the skyline of Davao City. Buildings may differ in structure, shape, design, and purpose for which they are constructed but they most certainly mirror Davao's progress and development and, most importantly, the investors' absolute trust and confidence to the dynamic leadership and governance of its elected city officials. 

And, right in the middle of these ever increasing developments and stressful demands of urban living, is a beautiful, eco-friendly and quiet recluse in the heart of Davao City that provides a unique shopping and dining experience, away from the often too crowded and noisy shopping malls, called, Plaza del Carmen.

This unique oasis in the midst of prime urban development is a 2,000 square meter, one-storey shopping arcade that houses 17 high-end specialized shops consisting of a coffeeshop, restaurants, RTW boutique, a fashion couturier, a kids shop, organic body and skin products, shoe shop, a dog salon, a photo studio, and a wedding planner. 

A beautifully landscaped garden in the middle

What makes this arcade distinct from the rest of the shopping malls in Davao is its beautifully landscaped garden of about 100 square meters situated right across the shops - a unique and refreshing sight particularly in this growing side of the city which makes it an ideal place for leisurely shopping, or a relaxed teté-a-teté over coffee or dinner with families, friends, business associates, or simply to get through a busy day ahead.

Parking Area

Wide spacious parking area

Plaza del Carmen is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Davao City along A. Loyola Road in Obrero, and is easily accessible by all types of transportation. The arcade has a wide and spacious parking area for its customers. 

Map to Plaza del Carmen

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