Saturday, May 14, 2011

Aldevinco Shopping Center - The Grand Bazaar of Davao

Before the big shopping malls of Davao City, there was the ALDEVINCO Shopping Center. It is an 8,370 square meter commercial complex located at the junction of Claro M. Recto Avenue and Manuel Roxas Boulevard, and was designed by a Filipino Architect Roman Solitaria of Manila. The ALDEVINCO Shopping Center, or fondly called as "ALDEVINCO" was opened to the public and inaugurated on January 2, 1965.

After 46 years, ALDEVINCO has become a renowned landmark and premiere shopping destination in Downtown, Davao City. It is where foreign and local tourists alike, and balikbayans shop for souvenir items to bring back home.

A renowned city landmark and shopping destination

ALDEVINCO is an arts and crafts gallery of its own as it showcases the culture and heritage of the Mindanaoan. Here, you will find genuine Mindanaoan products, antiques, and a wide variety of colorful souvenir items - from mats, brooms, table cloths, and other house ornaments and accessories, musical instruments, tribal swords; to various Batik product, clothes, shawls, jewelries, and ethnic fashion accessories like dangling earrings, bracelets, necklaces and anklets of beads and brass -- an all-time fashion favorite in Davao City. There are also products imported from Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.

ALDEVINCO currently houses over 100 shops, most of which are operated by the second generation descendants of the original tenants. A typical shop is only approximately 10-12 sqm. Most of the merchants speak Tagalog, Bisaya, and English. Prices are negotiable especially when buying products in bulk. First buyers of the day are also privileged to discounted prices.

Aerial view of the shopping complex

One of the many souvenir shops

Shop window

Inside Aldevinco

Rows of shops inside the shopping complex

Sales personnel awaits customers

Colorful souvenir items

Proudly Mindanawon products

Tribal wear

Tribal house ornaments

An old Sungka playing board


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