Friday, August 5, 2011

Loleng's Mountain Spring Resort

Loleng's Mountain Spring Resort is an ideal quiet retreat for families and friends to bond and enjoy nature, or simply to have a quiet moment away from the noise of the city. The Resort is quietly nestled in the cool mountain slope of Eden Bayabas, Toril District, Davao City, some 3,000 feet above sea level overlooking the magnificent panoramic expanse of Davao City and the Gulf of Davao. It is 95% man-made, and beautifully landscaped with lush greenery of floras and faunas, towering forest trees, and manicured grass amid the cool mist of the mountain. The Resort has room accommodations, sports facilities, a wide playground, a chapel, a restaurant, and a spring water swimming pool for guests to enjoy. Entrance fee is P50.

The Resort is 95% man-made

Towering coconut and forest trees surround the Resort

Well manicured grass dominate the grass

Overlooking Davao City and the Gulf of Davao

The Resort is 3,000 feet above sea level

Very clean and fresh air
Loleng's Mountain Spring Resort has complete facilities and amenities for families and friends to enjoy: room accommodations; sports facilities such as Tennis and Basketball Courts; a wide children's playground; a chapel; a cafe, and a restaurant that can serve as a function room; a free-flowing spring water swimming pool and a man-made lake for fishing and boating.

Wide playground

Favorite spot for children

The Resort's restaurant

Coffee shop

Maia's interior

White doves are usual sights in the Resort

View of the mountains

The Resort is usually covered with thick mountain fog

Man-made lake

Guests can go boating and fishing at the lake

Spring water swimming pool

One of the many accommodations of the Resort

Pathway to the cottages

One of the guest houses
Below 12 years old are free of charges for cottage use.
Below 3 years old are free of entrance and use of swimming pool.
Walk-in guest are allowed to bring-in foods and drinks to the Resort and can use the tables and chairs under the trees.
Room Rates are inclusive of Government Taxes and Service Charge
Check-In Time 1:00 PM
Check-Out Time 12:00 Noon

How to get to Loleng's Mountain Spring Resort

Travel time from the Davao International Airport to Loleng's Mountain Spring Resort is approximately one hour. There are motorcycles for hire along Toril's main road that can take you to the Resort. Fare is usually negotiable and drivers occasionally ask for a tip. 

Contact Information

Loleng's Mountain Spring Resort
Eden Bayabas, Toril, Davao City
Maia's Cafe Tel (082) 301-0001

Davao Tower Inn Tel (082) 221-1099
Fax  (082) 221-6228


  1. loleng's has a great view and the place is good for relaxing however when my family had an overnight stay in one of their cottages, i got really disappointed...we rented a room good for 4 but unfortunately they did not warn us that there was only one bed and the rest was just some mattresses placed on the floor.. the cottage looked quite welcoming outside but when you go inside, the cupboards, sink and cabinets were dirty and needed some repairs..the bathroom also was somewhat not that pleasant to take a bath with..fortunately the shower has hot water. the doors seemed unsafe and needed some repairs. its locks were rusty and they look like they would fall apart any minute. (once, we had a hard time unlocking it after strolling outside). their cafe/restaurant closes early (about 5pm) forcing you to have an early dinner and you can't order anything when you get hungry in the middle of the night. most of all, the service is not that great (actually, it really sucks...sorry but it is really true). the prices of the cottage and their food seemed to be expensive, a price that should be worthy of an excellent service, food and accommodation, yet they did not meet those expectations...i did not get my money's worth on this one...:(

  2. pls.improve your bridge sana concrete na 2,we were so desperate kasi parang sendong pala ang park pag mag overflow ang lake at saka pool if malakas ang ulan,buti na lng nakapunta agad kami sa higher ground.the place was so cool and nice pero kailangan talaga palakihin ang culvert beside d pool para di mag overflow and have a higher bridge naman para it will not take for us 2 long to wait na mag baba abg water para lng maka cross,so desperate,makakatakot talaga,we are there to njoy.


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