Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pujada Bay in Mati, Davao Oriental

Pujada Bay

Pujada Bay is Mati’s most important natural attraction and is one of its most attractive places as it depicts the wealth of the city underneath the crystal blue waters of its long pristine coastline. The Bay is U-shaped and opens at the south-southeastern portion facing the Pacific Ocean. At its mouth lies three islands, namely the Pujada Island, the Waniban Island, and the Oak Island. The inner portion of the Bay is lined with a thousand hectares of mangrove forest and an inset of white sand beaches and pine forests. The east coast is endowed with a wide stretch of white powdery sand beaches and is rich in natural marine life where different varieties of species of soft and hard corals and fishes abound. It is a major tourist destination for swimming, diving, snorkeling, skim-boarding, kayaking, and other water sports activities. The substrate on the western coast of the Bay, however, is mostly rocky.

Pujada Island

Waniban Island

Oak Island


Another attraction of Pujada Bay are the sea cows, commonly known as "dugong." The sight of one of these amazing sea creatures in the Bay is truly a remarkable wonder to behold. The Bay is also home to dolphins, hawkbills, green-sea turtles, and whale sharks.


Pujada Bay is a protected area with a marine research center. Along its shoreline are some picnic huts. The shoreline is also ideal for camping and visitors usually bring their tents for a weekend getaway.

How to get to Pujada Bay

There are boats available for hire in Mati City proper, ranging from small to large ones, and are equipped with life vests. Mati City is approximately 165 kilometers, or about 4 hours drive from the Davao Ecoland Bus Transport Terminal in Davao City. The easiest way to get to Mati is via overland bus ride through the Madaum diversion road which is shorter than the Davao-Tagum highway.

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