Thursday, January 17, 2013

Old Photos of Davao Part VII

San Pedro Street in the 1930's

This is Part Seven of a series of posts on the Old Photos of Davao which is intended for the readers to see how life was in Davao of old. Again, as in all previous posts, the Author makes no claim whatsoever for any of these photos which were sourced entirely from the Internet.

The old Oboza House in Rizal and B. Reyes Streets in downtown Davao City is still in use today.

Aerial view of Ateneo de Davao in 1948

First Davao Basketball Champion Team since 1946

1945 Map of US Army Oil Storage

First Three-Storey Building in Davao City

Above is a photo of the first three-storey building erected in Davao City. It was constructed by the Japanese. The building was owned by Feliciano Inigo. 

Villa Bus Company

More old photos of Davao to come.


  1. Wow..!! Nice pics. Thanks for sharing it. I was not aware about this. Enjoyed this post.

  2. Love this blog of old photos of Davao - great effort in finding these treasures:)

  3. Love the old photos pf davao city


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