Thursday, September 22, 2011

Davao Baywalk and Park

Davao Baywalk and Park, a.k.a. David's Edge, Seawall, or Queensland Park is a beachfront park that commands a stunning view of the early sun rising in the morning amid the vastness of the Gulf of Davao, only to repeat itself in a more awesome spectacle when it sets in the afternoon, while radiating brilliantly from yellow to orange hues as it slowly sinks beneath the horizon as if to bid its spectators adieu for the day. 

The Park is beautifully situated along the coastline of Times Beach in Matina Aplaya, a popular public beach near Ecoland, Davao City where families usually gather on weekends or holidays for a simple picnic or just a relaxing stroll along its sands.

Times Beach

Signage just at the entrance to the Park

Aside from the refreshing view of the gulf, the sun, and the horizon, other attractions include a huge golden replica of the world famous Michelangelo's Buonarroti 's Statue of David, which is perched on a not so high pedestal before a long shallow pool of baby sharks and bordered with well-manicured grass patches and beautifully shaped shrubs, as it welcomes visitors entering the Park; a magnificent replica of the Little Mermaid, an iconic statue in Denmark at the old harbor district of Langilinie in the capital of Kobenhavn (Copenhagen) which was made famous by Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen; concrete figures of dolphins; a mini-zoo that features ostriches and Musang or local mouse-deers; comfortable benches ornamented with a trellis of crawling vines; and of course, a park would not be complete without the usual clusters of food vendors plying their trades.

Replica of Master Michelangelo's Statue of David

During daytime, the golden replica is made more spectacular by the reflection of sunlight that overwhelms it, and at night the statue is dramatically illuminated by lights.

Inscribed on the statue’s pedestal:

"DAVID. The Statue is a replica of David, sculpted by Michelangelo Buonarroti in 1501. It is one of his two greatest priceless masterpieces. An Italian sculptor and painter – one of the greatest the world has ever produced. The statue is set on the hilltop of Firenze (Florence), Italy overlooking the city.

Full size replicas of the statue around the world are found in:

London’s Victoria and Albert Museum,
A centerpiece of a shopping mall is Surfer’s Paradise.
Queensland, Brisbane, Australia,
The Appian Way Shops at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas,
And our beloved DAVAO CITY is listed in the Internet as one of the prestigious places."

Statue of David before a shallow pool of baby sharks

The other end of the pool where the entrance to the Park is located

A reminder to visitors of the Park

Replica of the Little Mermaid

Short inscription on the Little Mermaid

During low tide

The statue of the Little Mermaid sits on a rock platform supported by three huge boulders which are usually submerged in water during high-tide and re-emerge when low-tide. 

Figures of dolphins

The Park has a mini zoo that houses ostriches

Musang of local mouse-deers

And peacocks

Comfortable benches ornamented with a trellis of crawling vines

Food vendors

Food vendors abound in the Park selling a variety of Filipino street food such as Balut, hard-boiled eggs, Kwek-Kwek - an egg coated with flour with artificial coloring, fishballs, roasted peanuts, sodas, fruit juice, and ice cream.

The Park is frequented by cyclists

Favorite spot of cyclists

Along the seawall

The seawall

Warning signage

Above inscription reads:


Swimming on the Baywalk area is strictly prohibited. The Management will not be held responsible criminally or civilly for any untoward incident like drowning, etc . . .

Please strictly follow the warning.

There are also a number of restaurants nearby where families and friends can enjoy simple meals served in a humble setting. Parking is not a problem; the Park has a huge parking lot within its vicinity. 

How to get to Davao Baywalk and Park

The Park is located along the coastline of Times Beach, right behind the Queensland Lodge, and is easily accessible by either private or public transportation via the highway adjoining Matina Aplaya and Ecoland which is about 2 kilometers drive from downtown Davao City. 


  1. I was surfing the net to look for the history of the local government of Davao and it led me to this blog. It's amazing how I never knew that there's a little mermaid statue in Seawall already when I live in Davao City. Ironic.

  2. There are exciting new things happening everyday in Davao City, and it amazes me no end that the progress made over the years since I was in Davao last in 2006 was entirely remarkable: shopping malls, buildings, an IT park, inland and coastline resorts, hotels, etc, are all popping-out everywhere. I hope to be able to take up permanent residence in Davao City in the not too distant future. I always long to set foot again even on a sentimental journey.

    Thank you for your visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Please drop-in again for fresh post and updates.

  3. I just went there today, and you're so lucky! It looks nothing like how you saw it a few years ago. It's a mess - full of garbage with broken street lights on the ground where a couple of ostriches are. I still enjoyed walking on the seawall and the nature views, but again, you're so lucky that you went when you did. :D


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