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Leticia by the Sea

Leticia By The Sea

Leticia By The Sea is a relatively small but private resort situated in Talikud Island, southwest off the coast of the bigger Samal Island. It is one of the business establishments owned and operated by the Casa Leticia group in Davao City: the Casa Leticia Boutique Hotel, and Casa Leticia Business Inn; the same group who operates Sagay Restaurant, Tsuru Japanese Restaurant, and Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant.

The Resort lies in a stretch of white sand beach amid towering coconut trees perched in a rocky terrain and a cliff of lush greenery, and commands a magnificent view of the clear blue waters of Davao Gulf. Here, guests may use the resort exclusively for a day or so, or, however long the guests would want to stay. There are rental packages which include comfortable accommodations and use of recreational facilities and boat transfers. A resident chef and resort staff are available round the clock to assist guests of the Resort.

View of the Resort from its private jetty

Amid towering coconut trees and the clear waters of Davao Gulf

Private Jetty welcomes guests to the resort
with a view of Samal Island in the background 

The Jetty

At the Jetty

The Resort sits amid a lush greenery on a well-manicured grass

The Garden

Garden Set

The Beach

With the white shoreline beach and clear blue waters of the Davao Gulf, the Resort promises a fun-filled day of activities and water sports such as, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, wake boarding, paparazzi, GT3 ride, inflatable rides, water trampoline, and, of course, their Sunset Cruise where guests are taken to a leisurely cruise of the Samal Strait by a speedboat to view the sun as its sets in the afternoon behind the majestic peak of Mount Apo, while guests are served with a variety of refreshing drinks, fruit platter, or snacks, with music playing softly on board.

Rich marine life awaits divers in the Gulf of Davao, and scuba diving is one of the popular pursuits in the Resort. Underwater, many soft to hard corals can be seen with schools of tropical fish in vibrant colors abound right across the shoreline.

While the Resort does not have its own equipment for scuba diving, guests usually engage the services of dive shops in Davao City, and this can be arranged by the Resort staff on request.

Beach Lounges


School of tropical fish abound in the Gulf of Davao 


Room and Accommodation

Overnight stay at the Resort provides comfortable rooms and cottages which can accommodate up to 20 guests. These beautifully designed cottages are a mixture of Balinese and Filipino inspired influences, and are situated amid a rich landscape of floras and faunas and coconut trees with a delightful view of the beach and Davao Gulf, giving each guest an assured atmosphere of a relaxed and homey ambiance in a cool breeze of the open sea.

Accommodations include two air-conditioned cottages: Room A which can accommodate four guests, and Room B for two guests; a spacious Family Room which can accommodate six guests and includes two toilets and two bathrooms; two air-conditioned Villas: Room A for four guests, and Room B for two guests.

Open Cabana

Open cabanas are adorned with flowing white curtains and afford a stunning view of the beach with the cool breeze of the open sea. There are two open cabanas and each has individual private bath and toilet room.

Open Cabana

The Cottage

Cottage Bedroom

The Villas

Family Room


The Pavilion

The Pavilion serves as an entertainment area for guests. The Resort also has a function room for business events or social gatherings which can easily seat up to 40 persons.

Dining Area in an Al fresco setting which also serves as a view deck

View of Gulf of Davao from the view deck of the Dining Area

Leticia by the Sea at night

Leticia by the Sea provides guests a serene and intimate experience in a tropical setting with modern facilities and personalized service that assure ultimate exclusivity in the privacy of the resort. 

How to get to Leticia by the Sea

Boat reservations and charters can be arranged on request; either by speed boat of the Resort, or via commercial ferries which are available at the Sta. Ana Pier in Davao City from 10 AM to 3 PM, and from Sasa Wharf, also in Davao City. Ferry travel normally takes a little under two hours, followed by a 30-minute ride from Babak to Kaputian, and a 10-minute boat ride across Talikud. The Resort does not allow walk-ins. Advanced bookings is recommended.

Contact Information

Sta. Ana, Talikud Island, Samal
Davao del Norte
Tels (082) 224-0501
Mobile 0917-702-5427

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