Thursday, January 17, 2013

Old Photos of Davao Part VI

Old Postcard of Davao City

This is Part VI of a series of posts on the Old Photos of Davao which is intended for the readers to see how life was in Davao of old. Again, as in all previous posts, the Author makes no claim of ownership whatsoever for any of these photos which were sourced entirely from the Internet.

Davao Times newspaper, August 2, 1945

Mail, November 1, 1935

Garcia Building near Magsaysay Park

The Garcia Building near the Magsaysay Park is still existing and in use today as stalls for Durian along the side walk and as retail store for China products.

Multi-purpose Hall for Ateneo de Davao High School and Grade School

Old Commercial Building in Davao City

Old rendering of proposed Pedro S. Carriedo All-Wood Building in Claro M. Recto Avenue, Davao City

Dakudao Building along San Pedro Street and City Hall Drive

This was the old Dakudao Building located at the corner of San Pedro Street and City Hall Drive before it was burned down during the Great San Pedro Fire of February 1962.

Davao Huks Prison in 1949

Old Map, ca. 1880's

Manobo Houses

Old Map showing plan of invasion of Davao in 1941

1943 Mindanao Emergency Currency

Manobo House

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  1. Davao Times was acquired by Atty. Torres of UM and friends and now known as The Mindanao Times.


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