Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Damosa Information Technology Park

Damosa IT Park

Lanang is a developing downtown center in Davao City. The establishment of the Damosa Information Technology Park along J.P. Laurel Avenue, Lanang, six kilometers from Davao City proper, is seen to further boost this thrust. Developed by Damosa Land Incorporated of the Floirendo Group, the 23-hectare area houses two information technology buildings, a data building, and a commercial and utility building. The creation of  Damosa’s IT park provides more jobs to its residents, a growing market and increasing purchasing power  for entrepreneurs, more retail establishments for tourists, and economic development for the whole of Davao City.

Damosa’s IT park is the second in Mindanao after Cagayan de Oro City’s Pueblo de Oro Park.

Damosa IT Park

Damosa Business Park Parking Lot

 Another view of the parking lot

One of the many structures in Damosa


A closer look of Concentrix

 Mamay Road, Damosa, Lanang, Davao City

Main entrance to the Market Basket in Damosa

Another view of Market Basket in Damosa

The many commercial establishments in Damosa

 Wide parking lot

One of the many wide pathways in Damosa

Mc Donald's

Another view of Mc Donald's

 Drive-Thru of Mc Donald's

 Yellow Cab Pizza

A closer look of Yellow Cab Pizza

R-Us Internet Cafe in a van container

Ristorante Spirale, and Tadakuma Restaurants

Viewed from another angle

Toy Story Pizza Planet

 Swiss Deli in Damosa

Site of one of the Call Centers in Damosa

 CyberCity Teleserv, one of the call centers in Damosa

Link2Support building in Damosa


  1. WOw, I never knew Davao that much though I have been there. Davao is surely the biggest city in the Philippines so it is no wonder how progressive it is today. Thanks for all that information. Atleast, I know know about some places there.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments. It certainly makes me happy to know that my time and effort in constructing and developing my blog about Davao City have not, after all, been in vain - for a couple of reasons: one is, at least, my blog is able to provide useful information; secondly, there are now guests visiting my blog like yourself who have the courtesy to leave a small note of appreciation. Please feel free anytime to come back again for fresh posts and updates. Warmest regards.

  3. Hi Libre bang pumasok sa IT Park at magtanong sa kanilang project managers?? Kasi related lang sa aming Project Management na subject...Salamat din sa blog mo. Marami akong nalaman tungkol sa Davao..


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