Sunday, October 2, 2011

168 Mall of Davao

168 Mall of Davao

168 Mall is a first of it's kind in Davao City which features Chinese products mostly at wholesale price by Filipino-Chinese traders who are mostly based in Manila. It is a two-storey mall that sits on a 3,500 square meter lot along Magsaysay Avenue in Chinatown, and is frequented by locals and foreign tourists. It has become a city landmark and one of the major shopping destinations in the city. 

Chinatown 168 Mall Exterior

At the ground floor

At the ground floor, the Mall is filled with stalls that sell a variety of wares and products such as RTWs, personal accessories, electronic goods, toys, appliances, cell phones and home decors which are sold at wholesale prices. There is also a food court, and a grocery that sells various Chinese merchandise at the second floor.

Buyers can haggle out for a cheaper price

A wide selection of cellphones on display in one of the stalls

The Mall has a centralized air conditioning system and the comfort rooms are clean and well maintained. There is a spacious parking area right at the back of the Mall along Alvarez Street. 

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  1. First of all congratulate for your great post and I really impressed about the information regarding Malls of Davao City. Today, malls are not just for shopping. They have evolved into places where you can enjoy a variety of activities. Moreover, malls are economic symbols of a City. It is true that this was very luxurious mall and we know that we can enjoy shopping and visiting. Thanks for sharing this and keep on posting.


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