Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chemas By the Sea

Chemas By the Sea

Chemas By the Sea is one of the top coastline beach resorts among the growing number of resorts that line the western coast of Samal Island facing Davao City. It is a family-owned resort named after their grandson, Chemas.

The Resort sits on a beautifully landscaped garden of lush greenery of flora and fauna and towering trees amid a wide expanse of talcum-fine white sand along the pristine blue waters of Davao Gulf with a breathtaking view of Davao City and the magnificent Mount Apo in the backdrop. There are several decorative hardwood materials and dead sea corals that are beautifully placed in its well-manicured garden that add luster to an already charming ambiance of natural comfort and tranquility of nature that is uniquely Chemas.

Arch of Hardwood Materials at the Entrance


Talcum-Fine White Sand Beach

Beach Front

Beach Huts

View of the Beach

View of Davao Gulf

Near the Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool

The Infinity Pool uses water from the beach instead of the usual chlorinated water.

View of the Infinity Pool from the other side

Reception Area

The Resort's Resto-Bar

The restaurant serves a variety of delectable Filipino dishes and fresh seafood locally sourced from the market. The rates are surprisingly affordable.

Gazebo for Dining

Al Fresco

Cottage in Tropical Setting

For overnight stay, there are several beautifully designed air-conditioned cottages, tents, and open cabanas with hammocks and bamboo furnishings.

The Cottages are surrounded with lush greenery

Cottage is set on a higher elevation

View of the Beach from the Cottage

Cottage Bedroom

Each of the cottage is furnished with a queen-sized bed, an extra bay bed, a private toilet and bath, and an open veranda.

Inside View of the Cottage Bedroom

View from the Cottage

Cottage Veranda

Concrete slabs leading to the Cottages

Cottages amid tall palm trees and well-manicured grass

View of the Beach Huts from the Cottage

Pathways to the Cabanas

Open Cabana

Open Cabanas are semi-concrete structures that are curtained with a trellis of vines giving each guests a more natural feel of their surroundings.

Canopy of Vines atop the Cabana

Cabana Bed


Resort Ground

Walkways are beautifully covered by a trellis of  bougainvillea plants

Walkways leading to the Cabanas

More walkways

How to get to Chemas By the Sea

There are two ways by which guest can reach the Resort: via a chartered boat, or through commercial ferry service. A chartered boat is available at the Waterfront Insular Hotel in Lanang, Davao City that ferries guests to Chemas. Another way is through a passenger ferry at Km. 11 that goes to Babak pier in Samal Island. From Babak, there are several multi-cabs and motorcycles that are available for hire.

Chartered Boat

The Resort's Private Jetty

The Jetty Welcomes Guests to the Resort

Chemas by the Sea at Sunset

Contact Information

Chemas By the Sea

Barangay Limao
Peñaplata District
Island Garden City of Samal
Tel 0917-814-0814


  1. Wow.We will go there in May.This place is amazing.

  2. What a wonderful place. We had a very good and relaxing stay. The kids loved the place. We will definitely go back to this resort. The place was clean and well maintained. Good food and drinks.

  3. What's up with the tent in the pictures? do you have a camp ground?
    Is there videoke? Hope not!


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