Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Damosa Gateway

Damosa Gateway is one of the popular destinations for shopping and dining, a comfortable and spacious one-stop-shop where families bond together, friends hang-out, and colleagues meet. It hosts a collection of coffee shops, restaurants, eateries, bistros, bars, boutiques, a school, and a hotel. It is also where some IT companies in the Philippines are based.

Damosa Gateway

Damosa is surrounded with trees and greenery

Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku
(Mindanao International College)
Many shops are found in the arcade

Row of Restaurants


Pancake House

Yellow Cab Pizza

Other side of Yellow Cab Pizza

Yellow Cab Pizza Delivery Scooters

Ice Giants

Pizza Planet

Damosa Market Basket

Damosa Market Basket is a shopping arcade complete with several stalls that sell native items like hand woven sandals and capiz shell lamps, and other displays of low-priced variety of items and basic services. It is frequented by tourist for shopping souvenirs to bring back home. It was opened to the public on February 18, 2007.

Shops that line the Damosa Market Basket

Other view of the Damosa Market Basket

Damosa at Night

View of the other side

Market Basket

Damosa Gateway was developed by Damosa Land, one of the city's premier land developers, primarily to attract commercial activity in the area for the convenience of the people living at Damosa. Prior to Damosa Gateway people had to go all the way to the city center to shop for items. It is also one of the favorite venues for many sponsored concerts for local bands and performances.

How to get to Damosa Gateway

Damosa Gateway is conveniently located along J. P. Laurel Avenue in Damosa, Lanang, some 15 minutes drive from downtown Davao City, and is easily accessible by private or public transportation.

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