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Islands Banca Cruises Davao

Islands Banca Cruises Davao is a premier island-hopping cruise service in Davao City that treats travelers with specially designed tour packages from a half-day island hopping tour to an entire day of luxury cruising in and around the Samal Islands in the crystal-clear blue waters of Davao Gulf. It is a perfect sight-seeing adventure for families, groups of friends, or even couples needing to get away from the noise of urban living and simply enjoy the scenic islands with its many popular diving sites and snorkeling destinations, powdery white sand beaches, and the lush marine life of Davao - a unique island-hopping experience anyone will truly enjoy!

Here, travelers will get to ride on one of their boats called "banca" - a small wooden double outrigger boat with marlin-like prow traditionally used for fishing, but newer uses such as for transport makes it the most popular charter of choice of tourists and locals for island-hopping in the 7,107 plus islands in the Philippines. 

Double outrigger banca

Expanded Sundeck for viewing and sunbathing


The Islands Banca Cruises' boats have been enhanced from the traditional pump-boat outrigger to a much longer and wider hull and customized with expanded sundeck, comfortable cushioned seats, and crisp white exteriors, beautifully furnished with the Islands Banca Cruises' signature beanbag seats.

Each of the Islands Banca is equipped with an iPod dock, FREE wireless Internet access, and a music dock for entertainment, and depending on the size, the banca can accommodate from 15 to  up to 20 guests. Its wide deck may be used for viewing, lounging, and even sunbathing. Each guest is warmly received with a welcome drink, and fresh towels. There are also cold beverages and snacks available on board.

The cruises are manned by a boat captain, a head steward, a tour guide, and a well-trained uniformed crew, all of whom are trained lifeguards.

Marlin-like prow may be used for sunbathing

View of the island from the sundeck


Islands Banca Cruises Davao includes visit to Davao's premier diving sites and snorkeling destinations in the island of Samal:

Talikud Island is a small island situated off the south-west coast of the larger Samal Island. It has a number of popular dive sites: Mansud Wall to the north which drops off to a depth of 45 meters, and has a good variety of corals that support numerous schools of tropical fish. Close by, are Talisay Wall, and Dapia Reef. Packs of barracudas, tunas and jacks are regular sights in the area.

On this island are several top diving sites and popular snorkeling destinations:

Babu Santa

Babu Santa Minwall Dive Site is a popular dive site in Talikud Island. Its water current is gentle most of the time particularly in the surrounding areas of Minwall, or Mansud Wall, and is perfect for snorkelers or advanced divers. Deep sea highlights can be seen at a depth of 60 feet such as, beautiful corals protruding from the wall, hidden cove that serves as a sanctuary for truncates, parrot fish of different sizes, and smaller tropical fish.

Isla Reta

Isla Reta is located at the west coast of Talikud Island, and is inhabited by a good variety of fusiliers, sea horse, morays and sea urchins, garden eels, wrasse and parrotfish, among many others. The powdery white sandy beach and pristine waters of Isla Reta island present a potent lure for sun bathers. Pitching a tent, or lazily do away the day in a hammock hanging between the Talisay trees with a beer on hand, snack or what have you, is surely a perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon siesta. There are also rocky formations in some portions of the island with soft and hard corals which can easily be seen because of the island's crystal clear waters. Marine life abounds in the area which makes the island an ideal site for snorkeling or diving, for beginners and advanced divers alike.

Coral Garden and Marine Park

The Coral Garden and Marine Park is located west of Talikud Island, and is fondly called "Linosutan” by local diving folks of Barangay Linosutan. Here, divers are treated to a sight of deep sea sand dunes, hard and soft coral beds, tropical fish, wrasse, garden eels, parrot-fish, anemones of shrimps, damselfish, anthias, fusiliers, and tube worms.

Angels Cove

The Angels Cove is a popular snorkeling and diving site located at the southwest side of Talikud Island. Its gentle and calm waters, almost angelic in nature, generally characterize this attractive dive site in Davao. Thus, it derives its name—"Angels Cove" or a "haven for angels". The site is categorized as an easy dive, with visibility within a depth of 20 meters where soft and hard corals abound, and is ideal for novices, and a suitable training ground for beginners. At the depth of 40 to 50 meters, experienced divers will see huge pack of jack fish, as well as tunas, and mackerels abound in the area. The seabed is entirely made up of beautiful formations of soft and hard corals sprawled on rock beds of sandy bottom.

Vanishing Island

Vanishing Island is a small strip of white sand island situated a few minutes away from the coast of Tambo, Babak in Samal Island. The Island is usually visible only during low tide, and is easily noticeable from a distance because of the presence of some houses floating directly on the surface of the ocean.  There are houses intended for visitors who may want to stay in the Island longer. During high tide, it is possible to walk on the Island with the waters reaching only just about the ankles. The Island quickly disappears during high tide, only to be visible again when the water subsides. With its crystal clear waters and breathtaking underwater view of coral wonders, the Island is surely one of the top snorkeling and diving destinations in Davao City.

Islands Banca Cruises is the brainchild of Island Souvenirs - a Cebu-based company founded in 1992 by its current president and chairman, Jay Aldeguer, that sells cottage-industry souvenir products to foreign and domestic tourists. With the ever growing number of tourists, the Island Banca Cruises was launched, providing customized island-hopping tours and water-based adventures in Cebu. Following its much success in Cebu, Island Banca Cruises partnered with Davao entrepreneur, Kirby Te, and launched the Island Banca Cruises franchise in Davao City in September 20, 2010.

Islands Banca Cruises Davao has designed special tour packages and services such as sunset cruises, lechon or barbecue picnics on-board the banca, or on a sandbar, as well as themed parties, or even a candle-lit dinner for two, including water-based adventures such as snorkeling, scuba diving, fish feeding, sea kayaking, and dolphin watching, that promise a unique and luxurious island-hopping experience IN STYLE!

Contact Information

Islands Banca Cruises Davao
Pearl Farm Marina Jetty
Lizada Drive, Lanang, 8000 Davao City
Phone (082)284 2066
Mobile (+63) 906-375-7933
(+63) 932-129-9009
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