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Kublai Art Garden

Agong House

Kapatagan Valley has recently become one of the most popular outdoor adventure destinations in Davao del Sur in view of the many unique wonders and delightful sights to see and experience - a truly different kind of adventure anyone can enjoy, be it with families, relatives, groups of friends, or colleagues from the office; it is a perfect quiet respite from the everyday noise of urban life. The entire valley is blessed with lush vegetation and a rich variety of flora and fauna amid towering forest trees and stately pine trees in a well manicured grass, and which, at times, is fully covered with a pleasant mixture of cool mountain mist and thick fog particularly in the early morning of the day and in the evening.

Kapatagan Valley with Mount Apo in the background

Within the valley, and only a few hundred meters from each other, are a number of popular destinations: Camp Sabros, Mount Apo Highland Resort (now called Camp@tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside), a Tibolo Village, and the nearby Virgin Falls. And in the midst of these is the Kublai Art Garden where various sculptures and art pieces of Mindanaoan artist, Ray Mudjahid "Kublai" Millan, are showcased in a landscape of lush greenery with Mount Apo, the Phlippines' highest mountain peak, and surrounding mountain range as the backdrop.

Below are some of the images of various sculptures and art pieces in Kublai Art Garden:

Right at the very heart of these sculptures and art pieces is the Agong House - a must-see at Kapatagan Valley. It is a nice, one-of-a-kind, small, eccentric-looking structure shaped and patterned after a musical bronze percussion instrument called, "Agong" widely used by Muslims and the indigenous tribes of Mindanao. The house is a masterpiece in itself, perched in a garden of various sculptures and art pieces. The Agong House is actually the rest house of the artist himself, Kublai Millan, who is very gracious in allowing visitors to take a peek inside his uniquely built vacation house.

Agong House with a huge sculptured hand in the foreground

Kublai Millan practically created the entire place into one huge canvas filled with his artworks. Truly amazing! Kublai Art Garden is definitely a place to visit, a jaw dropping experience guaranteed!

For those who want to visit this awesome place in Kapatagan, Mount Apo Highland Resort offers day tour to Kublai Art Garden.

Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside
(formerly Mount Apo Highland Resort) 
Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur 
8000 Davao City, Philippines 
Phone (082) 300-8636, (082) 286-8883 
Mobile: 0929-8256606, 0922-8569792 
Visit their Facebook page

How to get to Kublai Art Garden

The easiest way to reach  Kublai Art Garden is through private transportation. The site is about two hours drive from downtown Davao City, or an hour away from of Digos City proper. There are buses at the Ecoland Bus Terminal in Davao City that ply to Digos City, and public utility vans for hire from Digos Terminal to Kapatagan. There is also a 5 to 10 minute motorcycle ride readily available at the Kapatagan Market.

Map to Kublai Art Garden

Images courtesy of Mount Apo Highland Resort

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